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An award-winning restaurant serving and specializing in Brazilian cuisine ala Churrasco. One afternoon in mid-1993 three partners in the ship-repair industry had a discussion about a restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal, called Fla-Flu Churrascaria.So the idea of Brazil Churrasco Singapore was born. Several weeks later, owner David Gabriel flew to Rio de Janeiro to investigate churrascarias. He spent three days eating and drinking at all the biggest churrascarias in Rio and he decided that this is a great idea for food and it will work well in Singapore.

Forming an alliance with a Copacabana churrascaria, the planning for Brazil Churrasco began. Martin Spykerman joined as General Manager and spent 4 months in Rio, learning the ropes. Eight passadors were interviewed and relocated to Singapore.Jean-Claude Pardon, interior designed of several churrascarias in Rio was retained to design Brazil Churrasco. He recommended that the design captured the general look of a modern, up-market Rio churrascaria. Large oil paintings were commissioned to depict life in Rio and Brazil in general from big names like Bonnifacio, Lenita Holtz etc.
Meanwhile the partners agreed on the name Brazil Churrasco, and retained the services of one of Singapore’s leading advertising companies to design the logo. It was called Brazil Churrasco anticipating that people would simply say about eating at the restaurant: Let’s go to Brazil! An idea that would fascinate Singaporeans who saw Brazil as an exotic country with a fantastic football team. That is exactly what happened. In September 1994, Brazil Churrasco opened its doors for business amid great fanfare, much media publicity and long queues at the door. The concept of eating an unlimited quantity of good quality meat ignited the imagination of food loving Singaporeans.Today, more than 20 years later, Brazil Churrasco is still a lively and thriving restaurant, full to the brim with customers every night, eating meat and drinking caiparinahs. Over the years Brazil Churrasco has served more than million customers in Singapore. And Brazil Churrasco has spread its wings. In 2003 a Brazil Churrasco was opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – but because of legal requirements it was called Carnaval. Brazil Churrasco is well established in the Singapore food scene, winning multiple quality awards without fail every year. It is the market leader in quality meat and consistency, known for keeping faithfully to the original churrascaria concept found in any of the top quality churrascarias in Rio.

And now, the amazing Brazil Churrasco experience can be savored in Dhaka, Bangladesh.





Brazil Churrasco Dhaka
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Brazil Churrasco Dhaka
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Brazil Churrasco Dhaka


Brazil Churrasco Dhaka

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