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Georges Cafe

Who is George you say? Well I’m George Smith and here’s my story. My culinary passion sparked during my Graduate Training years in Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University. After this, my first proper chef experience began at Carriage House Café, where I established a brunch menu that still continues to please and succeed. This is where the beauty of cooking for people really hit me. Then came my years at Sebastian’s Cucina in New York, where I established the local menu. While on my journeys across the beautiful United States of America, I grew to love the wonderful local ingredients that our vast and amazing land had to offer. It therefore became my mission to incorporate beauty and taste of local ingredients in all my cooking endeavors to come. My search for the best flavors in the world led me to Bangladesh where I fortuitously settled in by marrying my beautiful wife. This land, I believe is blessed with fertility that produces some of the best ingredients in the world. For instance, I had no idea that a simple Banana could vary so much in taste! After a brief stint at the American Club in Dhaka, now here we are: George’s Café.

So what do we offer you? Expect New York styled cooking and technique with a blend of imported and locally produced ingredients, coming together to create beautiful dishes.Expect New York styled Hot Dogs with a variety of toppings made from scratch. Even our bread is made from scratch! Expect the aroma of the best flavored coffee. Or to mild out the heat, the freshest smoothie from our smoothie bar.
Expect fair pricing. Expect a beautiful ambiance and expect lasting memories, conversations and who knows, maybe even love.
Expect the very best of New York in Dhaka

Phone +880 1784 GEORGE (426743)


  • Address2, Road 10, Sector House - 1, Uttara 1230, Bangladesh
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  • Location Uttara
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Georges Cafe
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Georges Cafe
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Georges Cafe


Georges Cafe

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